Our philosophy

At Riggs Distler, we understand that safety is good business and critical for the success of Riggs Distler and our employees. We provide safe, productive workers to our customers, and we support their safe behavior with a comprehensive written safety program, with effective orientations and training classes, and by fostering two-way communication that helps us stop at risk behavior and correct hazardous conditions before injuries occur. As a result of a Corporate culture that embraces safety, Riggs Distler has consistently earned EMR ratings well below the national average and OSHA RIR rates, LTI rates, and DART rates that consistently exceed industry aggregates.

Specifically, our program includes:

  • State-of-the-art Job Briefs, tailored to the specific type of work being performed (OH Transmission, OH Distribution, Gas Distribution, UG Distribution, Substation, etc.)
  • Site Specific Safety Plans
  • New hire orientations that review company policies, set expectations for employees, and include video elements that help ensure consistency across all groups
  • A written safety program derived from more than 100 years of experience
  • Training sessions that use the most current classroom techniques to ensure effective learning
  • An aggressive safety visit program conducted by all levels of Management
  • Weekly Safety Briefs
  • Progressive Disciplinary Policy
  • Incident Analysis with a focus on lessons learned and action items that prevent incidents from recurring
  • A weekly meeting of the Safety Group Professionals hosted by the company President
  • Membership in professional organizations that share best practices and are committed to improving safety.

Riggs Distler’s safety group includes a Certified Safety Professional, seven Certified Utility Safety Professionals, ten OSHA authorized trainers for Construction, four OSHA authorized trainers for General Industry, and a Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist. The group gathers annually for an All-Safety Meeting where ways to improve safety at Riggs Distler are discussed and planned out, and members of the safety group are encouraged to participate in and support local, regional, and national safety organizations.

Safety is an attitude, a frame of mind. It is the awareness of one’s actions and how it relates to different surroundings and situations, all day, every day. Our Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Employees own the Safety Program and are responsible and accountable for its full implementation and subsequent results.