69kV Substation (NJ)

Project Description:     69kV Substation Construction

Project Location:          New Jersey

Project Schedule:         June 2016 through October 2016

Role of Riggs Distler:   This is a greenfield site with a tight schedule with operational commitments to the local community. We performed all the site civil work as well as the electrical installation. We installed the drilled pier foundations for 70’ Lightning Mast and concrete foundations, concrete ductbanks, below grade cable trench, grounding, site clearing/grading, yard stone, roadways and fencing. We set the prefabricated 15kV Switchgear Building and 69kV Relay Building. The 69kV yard included Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Isolation and Disconnect Switches, Buss work, Secondary and Control cabling. We tested the cables, set relays and commissioned the entire substation. We distributed 40,000’ of 15kV power cable throughout the campus to feed the office, manufacturing and warehouse buildings.