Gas CoC (NY)

Project Description:   Gas Contractor of Choice

Project Location:        New York Metropolitan Area

Project Schedule:       April 2015 to June 2019

Role of Riggs Distler: Riggs Distler’s role as a Gas Contractor of Choice includes performing an Accelerated Gas Infrastructure Modernization and Upgrade Program in municipalities throughout Westchester County, New York. Work includes installation of multi stage gas regulators, manholes, vent post communication conduits, and associated pipe work. Installation of over 35,000 ft. of plastic and steel gas main on an annual basis in support of corroded steel replacement, cast iron replacement and new business expansion programs for the host Utility. Our crews complete both direct bury and insertion projects. Crews also support the host Utility operations installing new and up sized pipe using pipe bursting methods. In conjunction with all gas main replacement work, residential and commercial gas services are replaced, upgraded or transferred to new mains. Crews complete over 500 gas service renewals annually and also support new business gas service installations at Peak times typically in the early fall of the year. Fully qualified crews complete all live tie in work related to gas main replacement and services making this business unit a truly turnkey operation.