13 MW Landfill Interconnect (NJ)

Project Description:      L&D landfill 13mwdc Ballasted Solar Facility

Project Location:           New Jersey

Project Schedule:           August 2015 through December 2015

Role of Riggs Distler:    Riggs Distler’s role as the Contractor included the installation of the ballast racking which required over 5,000 cubic yards of concrete, the installation of 42,000 PV modules, the system AC & DC wiring, and the cable tray and rigid conduit that was mounted to the ground. The crew reached a peak of 170 employees consisting of Operating Engineers, Laborers, Carpenters, Iron Workers, Electricians, and Linemen.  At the time of the installation, this project was the largest ballasted solar array installed on a landfill in the U.S.