Our History


The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held at the offices of Alfred R. Riggs, 632 Equitable Building, Baltimore Maryland on July 8, 1909 at 4 PM. Present at the meeting was Charles M. Linthicum, George S. Linthicum and T. Dudley Riggs. During this initial BOD meeting, Charles M. Linthicum was chosen as the first President of the company.

The original company name was the Riggs- Linthicum Company. The stated purpose of the company was to act as manufacturers’ representatives to buy and sell” building materials for buildings, railroads, and other purposes”

Charles M. and George S. Linthicum were members of the respected Linthicum family. The Linthicum family, based in Linthicum, Maryland, included US Congressmen, significant property owners, and very influential Politicians.

Thomas Dudley Riggs was a member of the distinguished Riggs family of Baltimore that founded the Riggs Bank, merged with PNC Bank in 2005. Riggs Bank held national prominence and helped the U.S. Government finance the Mexican-American War.

Three years after the founding, the company name was changed to Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. It was at this time that Mr. John Distler, a Lehigh graduate who hailed from New York, became the President of the Company.

Through the years, our Company has participated in the construction of some of the most notable building projects in the United States: The Empire State Building, The Greenbrier, The U.S. Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve Building, the Library of Congress, the Internal Revenue Building, The Breakers, the Willard Hotel, the National Constitution Center, Charity Hospital in New Orleans, and hundreds of power plants, government facilities, refineries and industrial facilities throughout the United States. Riggs was ranked the #3 contractor in the U.S. by Engineering News Record in 1973, and had offices in Atlanta, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Today, Riggs Distler & Co., Inc. remains a Maryland incorporated company that is headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ. Riggs Distler has enjoyed the successes of over 100 consecutive years of service and the future remains very bright for the next 100 years.

Riggs Distler - 100 years