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Building on Success: Over a Century of Service

On July 8, 1909, Riggs Distler’s founders held the first meeting of their Board of Directors. Charles M. Linthicum, George S. Linthicum, and T. Dudley Riggs (pictured above) gathered at the offices of Alfred R. Riggs in Baltimore to name Charles Linthicum the company’s first President.

Founded as the Riggs-Linthicum Company, our original charge mission was to represent manufacturers in the sale of materials for “buildings, railroads, and other purposes.”

Charles M. and George S. Linthicum were members of the respected Linthicum family. Based in Linthicum, Maryland, the Linthicum family tree included U.S. Congressmen, significant property owners, and influential politicians. Thomas Dudley Riggs was a member of the distinguished Riggs family of Baltimore. The family founded the Riggs Bank, which merged with PNC Bank in 2005.

Three years after our founding, the company rebranded as Riggs Distler and Company, Inc. At this time, Mr. John Distler, a Lehigh University graduate who hailed from New York, became President of the company.

Over the years, Riggs Distler helped construct some of the most notable buildings in the United States, including the Empire State Building, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve Building, the Library of Congress, the Internal Revenue Service headquarters, The Breakers Hotel, the National Constitution Center, and hundreds of power plants, government facilities, refineries, and industrial facilities throughout the eastern United States.

In 2021, we joined Centuri Group, Inc., a comprehensive utility infrastructure enterprise serving gas and electric providers across North America. Our 100 years of experience stand behind Centuri’s 100-year plan and vision for long-term sustainability.

Riggs Distler & Company, Inc. (A Centuri Company), remains a Maryland-incorporated company with headquarters in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and numerous branch offices up and down the Eastern United States. We’re proud of our tradition of success over more than 110 consecutive years of service, and we aim to build our future by focusing on the values that got us here: reliability, safety, and a commitment to hiring and supporting the industry’s best staff.

As we embark on our next century of service, we thank the clients we’ve been able to serve on so many successful projects. We look forward to helping you build for the future.

Our Industries