Our Industries

Powering the Future

For more than a century, the nation’s most important power companies have trusted Riggs Distler to build and maintain the Eastern United State’s energy supply. From coal plants to nuclear stations and the growing renewable energy field, our talented team of expert constructors, project managers and superintendents have the tools, training, and technology to complete projects of all scopes on time and on budget, always making safety our highest priority.

Power Generation: Plant Construction and Maintenance

Over more than a century of service, we’ve developed the power generation capabilities that have fueled the expansive growth of business and industry in America. Riggs Distler’s specialists have strong experience in everything from fossil fuels to nuclear, solar, and hydroelectric energy. We apply our broad-ranging knowledge to develop unique, project-specific solutions that match your needs, whether we’re constructing a new plant, performing upgrades or repairs for efficiency and performance, or continuing maintenance aging facility.

Over the years, we’ve worked on major projects involving:

  • Fossil fuel power plants
    • Coal 
    • Natural gas 
    • Oil
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Renewable power plants
    • Bioenergy plants
    • Solar plants (photovoltaic power stations)

Partner with the Industry’s Best

These complex facilities represent big investments by our clients.  By partnering with Riggs Distler, clients capitalize on a century-long record of reliability and top-notch performance. We know more than just how to build—we know how to build the right way. We prioritize careful planning and place safety on a pedestal. While performing maintenance or upgrades, we carefully complete our work without interrupting the function or workflow of your facility. As an award-winning partner to the power generation industry, Riggs Distler delivers talent so that you can deliver power.

Our Industries