Civil Foundation Construction — Philadelphia, PA


Riggs Distler is building the foundation for a 15-story, multi-use building in the Fairmount area of Philadelphia. This building will not only deliver new housing to a growing neighborhood but will also help spark economic growth in the area, providing space for 3 large retail stores in addition to 11 stories of residential apartments. All work is being performed in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

  • Riggs Distler’s work on this project involved the installation of:

    • More than 6,500 cubic yards of concrete
    • More than 800 tons of reinforcing steel, including:
      • 3,000 lineal feet of grade beam
      • 65,000 square feet of structural slab on grade
      • 85,000 square feet of raised slabs on metal decks and pre-cast planks

Due to setbacks during the permitting process, the project timeline is a major client concern, and Riggs Distler is performing our work on an accelerated schedule. This project is the largest concrete project that Riggs Distler has yet undertaken in the commercial sector.

Challenges Overcome

One of the project’s main ongoing challenges is finding and retaining highly skilled labor to conduct the necessary work on the client’s accelerated schedule. Philadelphia is experiencing a building boom, and there a number of ongoing projects drawing down the pool of available talent in the region. As a result, we deepened our search for quality employees. Throughout the project, we have held the local union halls to a high standard, insisting on the best labor possible. We’ve weeded through sub-par individuals and have managed to build an excellent team of knowledgeable and professional concrete specialists. We’ve expanded our network tremendously, and workers that are attracted to Riggs Distler’s culture, organization, and reputation have signed on for other projects involving concrete work that we’ve recently won.


Results Delivered

This project highlights Riggs Distler’s versatility and our ability to adapt to new challenges. By refining our expertise and the breadth of our skilled workers, we’re capable of expanding our abilities to meet any potential client need under one turnkey contract. We’re committed to staffing every project with the best staff possible, and we’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure safety, precision, and top-notch execution.