Delaware Valley Refinery — Philadelphia


Riggs Distler is responsible for keeping our client’s refinery running safely and efficiently by managing all civil maintenance. We’re responsible for all capital projects, including new construction, expansion, renovations, and replacements. Our 30-person team provides year-round support. Work includes:

  • Repairs and maintenance to underground piping
  • Road repairs
  • Clean-up
  • Hole and fire watch
  • Civil-related construction

Challenges Overcome

Keeping the refinery’s staff and our team safe is a main concern for both the client and Riggs Distler. We provide extensive safety training for our staff, including OSHA 40-hour construction safety and Competent Person excavation training, Process Safety Management (PSM) training, fall protection training, and site-specific training for individual industrial sites at the facility, to ensure all work is performed carefully and according to best practices.

We also provide training and take advanced precautions for specialized work, including confined space entry safety, spotter safety, and traffic flagger training. For example, when a Riggs Distler employee works on a boiler in extremely hot weather, they wear ice vests and take regular breaks to hydrate to ensure their health and safety. Our on-site Safety Supervisors ensure that all work is executed the right way.

Results Delivered

This client has depended on Riggs Distler to help keep their refinery facility running on a day-to-day basis for over a decade. Using cutting-edge technology, we’ve upgraded the aging facility to improve its performance, often working in extreme weather and confined spaces. Riggs Distler ensures the refinery operates at peak performance year-round.