Project Included

Cable Project—Delaware

October 2019–March 2020

Riggs Distler’s industrial electrical team recently completed extensive electrical installations for a Hydrogen Power Plant at an existing refinery facility in Delaware. Our crews were tasked with providing redundant 15kv power sources to various areas of the refinery and the new plant. Work included:

  • Installing (6) 15kV cables into existing cable trays 
  • Installing (27) 15kV owner provided splices to existing installed cables
  • Installing (18) 15kV owner provided terminations to existing installed cables
  • Furnishing and installing support steel for cable rigging, cable trays, and pulling equipment


Challenges Overcome

    The project setting presented a number of challenges. Since the work needed to be completed within an active refinery, at elevated heights, and around an active rail car line servicing the facility, safety and careful scheduling were key concerns. Our Project Managers worked closely with the client and facility staff to schedule Riggs Distler’s electrical work around the frequent work stoppages caused by train activities and plant functions. Our crews took special care to avoid damage to the sensitive electrical cables to be installed in the hectic work environment, and placed an emphasis on efficiency in order to complete the work.

    Results Delivered

    Riggs Distler’s crews performed all of the necessary cable installations to provide redundant power to the new hydrogen plant safely, while avoiding disturbances to the site’s normal operations. Our team delivered the project on schedule and on budget. Given our performance despite the project’s challenges, Riggs Distler was invited to perform additional work for the client. We are proud of our contributions to bringing this important new facility online. 

    Project Included

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