Substation Installation—Pennsylvania


Riggs Distler was awarded this contract to upgrade and stabilize the power supply for a natural gas refinery in Pennsylvania. Our work was part of a long-term project to turn the aging refinery into a hub for gas storage and distribution. Our work involves:

  • Installing new cable trays and cables for power and control
  • Installing test and terminating power conductors at PDCs
  • Instrumentation cabling home runs, field junction boxes, grounding, and lighting
  • Mounting field instrumentation
  • Pouring foundations
  • Installing underground and aboveground power conduits and grounding
  • Fabricating support steel for equipment/piping racks

Challenges Overcome

With an outage scheduled for the fall, Riggs Distler needed to install the substation and complete all related work within a short time frame, without disturbing operations at the active gas refinery. As a result, Riggs Distler increased our crew sizes and extended our working hours to maintain the schedule, carefully coordinating our work with other contractors and workers on-site.

Another challenge was the limited footprint offered by the work area. The electrical substation is delivered in a building (measuring 14 by 60 feet and weighing approximately 25 tons), and our team carefully navigated its transport through the active refinery. To accomplish this safely and efficiently, we brought on Riggs Distler’s Mechanical team to devise and execute a plan that included building temporary roads, modifying a containment berm, and relocating existing utilities to gain the necessary access.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler completed the substation installation on schedule, providing reliable power for future equipment and plant expansions at the refinery. Our unique ability to provide underground and aboveground electrical work, mechanical, and heavy civil work under one roof made Riggs Distler the ideal fit for this multicomponent project.