Environmental Services for Structure Replacement — New Hampshire

January–June 2020

Riggs Distler’s environmental matting team was contracted to build roads and provide extensive matting in support of a project to upgrade an aging electric transmission line in New Hampshire. The client’s work crews needed access roads and stable work sites in order to remove and replace the deteriorating wooden structures supporting the transmission line. The new roads will also be used for ongoing maintenance and future repairs. Our work included:

  • Installation of over 1,800 mats
  • Installation of 8,500 tons of road base rip-rap with topcoat for gravel road access

Challenges Overcome

Riggs Distler needed to ensure that all access roads and work site matting was in place in time for the work crews to perform their construction during the scheduled outage windows, and managing the project’s expedited schedule was a key concern. The client originally awarded the project to another contractor, but due to concerns about their ability to meet the schedule, the project was reassigned to Riggs Distler.

To meet the challenge, our teams made sure to have large amounts of material stockpiled so that the road builders could mobilize as soon as we received the go-ahead. We utilized large, rubber-tired articulating trucks, which could haul large amounts of materials into the project area faster than dump trucks, and even hired outside haulers to help stockpile material. Our crews worked in high winds and temperatures as low as 8 degrees, with wind chill factors reaching below zero.

Results Delivered

Despite the rugged setting, Riggs Distler’s seasoned managers and crew members completed each stage of the project swiftly. Thanks to our efficiency, the client’s drilling crews were able to start laying the foundations for the support structures ahead of schedule. The transmission line’s reliability was ultimately greatly improved for end users, and we were proud to demonstrate the skills and “can-do” approach on which we’ve built our reputation.