Y138 Line Structure Replacements—New Hampshire

April–July 2020

Riggs Distler performed environmental matting and civil services in support of a project to upgrade aging and damaged support structures along electric distribution lines in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. Riggs Distler’s staff built access roads and stabilized the extensive project work area. Our work involved:

  • Installation of 1,300 mats in wetland areas and stream crossings.  
  • Cut and build access roads using over 10,000 cubic yards of material.

Challenges Overcome

This project was in a very sensitive area near Mt. Washington that is busy with tourists and visitors year-round. In order to minimally disturb residents and travelers in the area, Riggs Distler carefully coordinated all work with the client, ensuring work was performed during low-traffic periods and all pre-established outage windows. No work was performed on weekends, and in some cases the constraints were quite limiting. Safety was also a chief concern, and our teams worked very cautiously to ensure the safety of passersby and field staff.

Results Delivered

Thanks to close coordination between Riggs Distler’s management, the client, and the various other contractors working on the project, the project was completed on schedule and without disruption to the local community.