Aries Linden Biosolids Gasification Plant—Linden, NJ


Riggs Distler is currently providing turnkey heavy civil, mechanical, and electrical services in support of an Aries Clean Energy project to construct a biosolids gasification plant at an existing sludge processing plant in New Jersey. This plant will be serving the largest metropolitan area in the US – The New York metropolitan area – and it will divert 130,000 tons of biosolids from landfills annually. It will be the lowest cost option for biosolids disposal in NY/NJ Metropolitan area. Read more about the project here.

In addition to delivering all construction services, Riggs Distler is also providing comprehensive project management, supplying major equipment, providing value engineering, and staffing the project with a workforce of approximately 60 employees. 


Riggs Distler’s mechanical team is installing all equipment at the plant, including the gasifier, conveyors, and all piping and ductwork. We are also responsible for rotating equipment alignments and performing all testing and commissioning. Equipment and work provided includes:

  • Fabrication and installation of all piping systems
  • Supply and installing all supports along with subcontracting the paint and insulation.
  • Set and assemble all equipment required for the process including the gasifier, heat recovery system, emissions controls and handling systems.


Riggs Distler is installing all electrical systems for the project, including:

  • Temporary power system.
  • High- and low-voltage distribution controls.
  • Equipment power supply.

Heavy Civil

Riggs Distler is providing all heavy civil work to support the plant’s development, including:

  • Site demolition.
  • Site clearing, grading, and erosion control.
  • Building access roads, sidewalks, and curbing.
  • Installing the site’s sewer system, foundations, asphalt, and landscaping.

                                          Challenges Overcome

                                          Riggs Distler’s work on this project is being performed inside a repurposed facility, and careful coordination of heavy civil, mechanical, and electrical work is key to keeping the project’s schedule and budget on track. As engineering work for the plant is not yet complete, portions of the work to be completed remain unknown, and these will necessitate adjustments to the project’s scope, priorities, and sequencing. Riggs Distler is relying on the expertise of our industry-leading Project Managers to stay in constant communication with the various project teams, subcontractors, and the client to ensure all work is planned and executed carefully, efficiently, and safely. 

                                          The project is located in a strong-union environment and in territory unfamiliar to the client, and Riggs Distler’s management expertise is ensuring that each step of the project proceeds with minimal disruption. Since it is critical that the client complete the project and begin generating revenues as soon as possible, our ability to get the project moving is proving invaluable to the client.

                                          Results Delivered

                                          The Aries Linden Biosolids Gasification Facility will process 430 tons of biosolids per day while producing 22 tons of biochar that will be beneficially used as a replacement for Fly ash in the production of concrete. 

                                          Aries Clean Energy CEO Greg Bafalis: “The Linden facility will be the most advanced biosolids processing facility in the world utilizing our patented fluidized bed technology. By using our environmentally friendly, renewable system, we will convert biosolids into completely renewable, beneficial products. I anticipate that Linden will receive visitors from all over the world to see this facility and how it innovatively takes a waste product and converts it into renewable energy and biochar. We are looking forward to investing in the local community and serving the region with sustainable biosolids solutions that will contribute to a cleaner, greener, healthier planet.”

                                          Riggs Distler’s ability to provide turnkey, conception-to-completion project services has made us an excellent partner to Aries Energy in the development of their new plant. Relying on our strong affiliation with local union labor throughout New Jersey, the experience and expertise of our staff at all levels, and our ability to organize all of the equipment and services needed for this intensive project, we’re able to offer Aries Energy the highest level of service.