Combined Cycle Power Generation Project—New Jersey


Riggs Distler was awarded this project to install over 35,000 feet of piping and over 100 pieces of equipment at a power plant in southern New Jersey. Our team handled the majority of the plant’s construction. Riggs Distler’s work involved:

  • Critical and noncritical piping systems (2–72 inches)
  • Steam turbine generator, auxiliary boiler, diesel generator, and stack installations.
  • Lubrication oil building construction
  • Pump and motor set installations
  • Vessels, drum, and exchanger installations
  • Intensive rigging plans
  • Millwrighting

Challenges Overcome

Work at the plant site involved 800 employees operating within a very tight footprint. Daily coordination and communication with contractors was a necessity to ensure collaboration and efficiency. During the project, Riggs Distler took on additional work, including high-energy piping installations and boiler construction that wasn’t in the original contract. Our team responded quickly to the out-of-scope work to keep our client’s completion dates on schedule.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s work ultimately delivered 751 megawatts of combined cycle power to the client’s electric grid, enabling them to meet the growing demand for energy among South Jersey residents and businesses. Demonstrating our flexibility, we were able to take on additional work mid-project to better serve the client. Riggs Distler completed all work on schedule with zero injuries.