Project Included

New Process Line Construction— New Jersey


Riggs Distler was contracted to construct new process lines from a major oil refinery in southern New Jersey that will feed a large-scale distribution system. The refineries work in combination to process a wide variety of crude oils. The two plants produce a variety of products, including gasoline, heating oil, and aviation jet fuel. One specializes in manufacturing Group I lubricant-base oils and is the largest producer of asphalt on the East Coast. The new product lines will improve the supply process to the facility and overall efficiency of the refinery’s operations.

Riggs Distler’s Heavy Civil group installed a dewatering well system, excavated and installed the entire shoring system on both the refinery and distribution side, uncovering all the previously operational underground lines. The Mechanical group fabricated and installed all of the pipe supports and new piping. Additionally the Overhead Transmission group assisted to relocate an existing pole and power lines.

Work also involves:

  • Installation of all pipe support foundations, light pole foundations and pit floors.
  • Removal of over 1,000 feet of underground existing piping from existing casings.
  • Install new, 6-inch and 8-inch piping within 10-inch casings.
  • Hydrostatic testing each of the newly installed pipe lines
  • Pigging each of the newly installed pipe lines for debris and dryness.
  • Isolation of steam line.
  • Install new tie-in fabrications
  • Filling the abandoned portion of underground piping with Bentonite Clay
  • Performing a Nitrogen purge and fill on 2 of the newly installed underground lines.
  • Filling the newly installed underground casings with a protective wax
  • Form and pour a concrete pit to encase the piping underground.
  • Removal of all dewatering and shoring systems.
  • Construct a new site security fence and access road

                                        Challenges Overcome

                                        Riggs Distler’s main concern on this project was working within tight outage schedules in order to avoid costly interruptions for the client. By focusing on communication with the client and careful planning, all work was completed safely and on schedule.

                                        Performing major construction work between a busy refining facility and distribution center can present significant logistical challenges. In this case, a working Conrail railroad line that runs directly through the site required special attention. Riggs Distler’s team carefully removed eight process lines running underneath the existing railroad tracks and replaced them with a new, double-wall piping system. Our team was also able to install all of the process lines with more than 100 welds at 100% x-ray with no rejections.

                                        Results Delivered

                                        Riggs Distler completed this complex, large-scale project on schedule and on budget,  delivering increased efficiency for the refinery system and operations. Riggs Distler’s multi-disciplined approach allowed us to complete all necessary Heavy Civil and Mechanical work on both the receiving and distribution sides of the process lines.



                                        Project Included

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