Project Included

Green Lots Electrical Charging Stations Master Services Agreement—Maryland

October 2019–2022

Riggs Distler is currently working with a major gas and electric utility in Maryland to engineer, procure, and construct electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state. The charging stations will be installed on government properties as part of the EVsmart Program, a joint effort by Exelon utilities to improve air quality. The EVsmart Program aims to have 300,000 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. All work is being performed under a Masters Services Agreement (MSA), and Riggs Distler is providing the following services: 

  • Engineering and procurement
  • Drawings
  • Permits
  • Foundation preparation
  • Installation of charging stations
  • Commissioning and start-up

Drivers will be able to use the new charging stations through the Green Lots mobile app, and a typical electrical vehicle driver spending one dollar at a charger can expect to gain approximately 20 miles in range. The project is part of a larger initiative by the client to reduce emissions and improve air quality in Maryland.

Challenges Overcome

Under our MSA, Riggs Distler is performing charging station installations at small sites throughout the state. Since the stations will be located on government property, government institutions need to apply to be a host. Each installation is site-specific, and preliminary site visits need to be performed to determine logistics before our Heavy Industrial and Renewables teams can engineer and design each installation. These designs then need to be approved by the client before the charging station can be installed.

While the volume of small-site designs necessary for the project will present challenges, Riggs Distler’s back office staff has developed innovative processes to expedite the work. The technology we’re working with is cutting edge, and our staff has the specialized training to make sure each charging station is developed swiftly, from planning through installation. Basing operations out of our Dundalk office, our crews can easily mobilize to any part of the state. 

Results Delivered

The project will promote electric vehicle usage by making it easier for owners to locate charging stations for their car, ultimately helping to reduce emissions and support environmental sustainability in Maryland. As turnkey providers, Riggs Distler is able to deliver all the necessary work for the project, from design through installation and commissioning. Always ready for a new challenge, we’ve swiftly learned new technologies to better serve our client. We’re proud of our ability to provide cradle-to-grave services for this important public project to promote green transportation in Maryland.

Project Included