Project Included

L&D Landfill Solar Installation Project — New Jersey

August 2015–December 2015

Riggs Distler was contracted to install a ballasted photovoltaic solar power system at a New Jersey landfill in order to provide increased access to clean energy for local residents. The 12.93MWdc system is one of the largest green power arrays at any landfill in the country.

Challenges Overcome

Work at the project site presented a number of challenges. Since the system was installed on a cap landfill, there was a strict weight limit of 10 PSI in the work area. This complicated the construction of the facility, as Riggs Distler was tasked with pouring 5,000 cubic yards of concrete to set a foundation for the photovoltaic array.

To surmount the problem, our team used three different concrete pumping trucks to deliver concrete to the project area without the need to drive over the landfill, which would have exceeded the 10 PSI limit. We also used tracked skid steers to move materials onto the landfill cap for installation; using smaller equipment took longer, but allowed us to stay within the 10 PSI limit. Riggs Distler coordinated with the Environmental Protection Agency, the waste management company that owned the landfill, and public-service environmentalists to avoid damage to the landfill cap and ensure the careful management and removal of any spills or trash.

Results Delivered

This was Riggs Distler’s first landfill solar power facility installation, and our team was able to carefully manage the worksite restrictions in coordination with multiple project stakeholders to deliver the project on time and on budget. Our turnkey solutions allowed our team to complete the difficult project efficiently and deliver clean energy to local residents.

Project Included