Aerial Distribution Contractor of Choice — New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., & Pennsylvania

2008–On-going Through 2025

Riggs Distler serves as the Contractor of Choice for a major eastern power supplier. Our role is to provide various utilities with qualified manpower required to complete their capital and maintenance projects. Our work supports facility upgrades, system reliability improvements, capital expenditures, storm restoration efforts, and Department of Transportation projects. Specific major work includes:

  • Deteriorated pole replacement programs
  • System reliability programs
  • New business projects
  • Maintenance projects
  • Customer reliability projects

Many of our projects involve system reliability improvements, including the installation of distribution automation (DA). DA work installs smart meters, fiber-optic connections, and SCADA switches, so that unplanned circuit outages can be managed remotely, eliminating the need for a worker to go into the field and manually turn the power back on.

Challenges Overcome

Much of Riggs Distler’s work is performed in dense metropolitan areas, requiring additional planning to ensure the safety of our employees, local residents and businesses, and the general public. Scheduling is a major focus—collaborative coordination with the client allows us to complete the necessary work with minimal disturbance to the public and their customers and ensure timely completion.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s work provides our client’s end users with more reliable power and fewer outages. DA and smart distribution systems result in easier operation, improved performance monitoring and data tracking, as well as long-term cost savings for our clients. As the largest overhead distribution contractor in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Riggs Distler is the prime choice to perform turnkey distribution work on an on-call basis. Our team is safe, dependable, and reliable.