Electric Distribution Residential Infrastructure — Pennsylvania


Riggs Distler serves as the sole contractor for infrastructure installation for new construction homes in our host utility service territory. Our team is responsible for installing underground gas and electric facilities to single homes in established residential neighborhoods as well as larger developments that can range in size from 5-500 new homes. 

In developments, our team is not only responsible for installation  of the underground gas and electric facilities to individual homes, but also installs the gas and electric mains throughout the project, prior to individual home construction. Once this contract is completed, Riggs Distler will have installed more than 2,500 miles of electric cable and 350 miles of gas pipe, as well as 25,000+ electric service installations and 15,000+ gas service installations.

Challenges Overcome

Our host utility’s tariff allows for builder excavation, therefore Riggs Distler must work closely with developers and their excavation subcontractors to coordinate their schedules with our resources. The builders are responsible for excavation for the utilities prior to our crew arriving at the job site.  The excavations must meet the host utilities’ standards and it is Riggs Distler’s responsibility to ensure trenches and facility installations meet those standards. Any  last-minute scheduling conflict can necessitate a fast reorganization of resources and schedules to continue to allow crews to be productive. 

Our back-office management uses their extensive experience to keep projects on track and adapt quickly when situations change. By collaborating closely with all parties involved, we’re able to forecast potential issues before they become problems. We’ve built an excellent working relationship with our client and partners based on trust and mutual respect to ensure on-time completion.

Results Delivered

Through our commitment to communication, Riggs Distler has consistently met builder deadlines and kept homeowner settlement dates on target. As a result of our performance, the initial 3-year contract term was granted a 5-year extension, allowing us to continue our partnership with this important client through December 2021.