Major Cable Replacement Program — Pennsylvania


Riggs Distler is currently working to resolve poor power connectivity issues for Pennsylvania residents by replacing and upgrading an aging electrical network. Customers within the client’s service area are experiencing outage-related issues, and Riggs Distler is tasked with performing extensive upgrades and installations to improve the system and restore service. Our work includes:

  • Replacing all underground primary cables via directional drilling
  • Replacing electrical equipment (transformers, switchgears, etc.)
  • Associated aerial work and new pole replacement

Challenges Overcome

This multi-disciplinary project involves extensive underground cable replacement, equipment upgrades, and aerial distribution work. While other firms would need to employ subcontractors to complete the work, Riggs Distler is uniquely qualified to handle the underground utility and overhead distribution work in tandem. 

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s integrated service offerings have allowed us to execute an otherwise complex project work with relative ease, ensuring easy coordination, efficient delivery, and fast results for end users. Local residents and businesses will enjoy improved, more reliable electrical service, and our client will be able to focus on their business knowing their network is in the capable hands of Riggs Distler’s power specialists.