Outdoor Lighting Maintenance and Construction — Maryland

January 2018–December 2020

Riggs Distler is the Contractor of Choice to a Maryland-based utility’s outdoor lighting group. Our electric utility and distribution teams are responsible for providing and maintaining reliable outdoor street lighting for the client’s residential, commercial, and municipal customers. Our services include:

  • Street Light Cable Fault Locating and Repair
  • Street Light Cable Replacement via HDD
  • New Construction (Poles, Fixtures, Cabling, etc.)
  • LED Fixture Conversions
  • Knockdown Pole Replacements
  • Contact Voltage Mitigation

Challenges Overcome

Riggs Distler helps our client serve a diverse array of customers and stakeholders, from individual residential customers to homeowners associations, commercial businesses, and Towns and Cities. Our union craft employees perform extensive maintenance and repair services under this contract requiring a variety of skill sets. On an annual basis, Riggs Distler repairs 5,000+ street light faults, replaces 100,000+ feet of street light cable, replaces 1,000+ knockdown poles, installs 2,000+ new poles/fixtures, and converts 3,000+ lighting fixtures to LED. To service this contract, we supply the region’s best field employees, who typically have 10, 20, or more years of industry experience, and back them up with experienced operational management and all the resources they need to get the job done.

Time is always of the essence on this contract. A typical project assignment needs to be completed in days, not weeks. Our managers react quickly to client requests, mobilizing our teams and providing the resources they need to complete their work swiftly.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler treats our client’s customers as if they were our own, deploying quickly to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure safe, secure outdoor lighting throughout their service territory. Acting as our client’s representative in the field, we regularly exceed stakeholder expectations and keep Maryland’s streets well-lit for local citizens. Riggs Distler has performed this contract continuously for this client since the early 1980s, a testament to our excellent working relationship and the skills and abilities of our staff.