Strategic Alliance Blanket Contract — Connecticut, New York & Maine

2009–On-going Through 2023

As a Strategic Alliance partner under this blanket contract, Riggs Distler provides 24-hour, on-call coverage for the host utility’s entire service territory. We’ve been the sole contractor since 2009, performing all maintenance and reliability work necessary throughout Connecticut, New York and Maine. Our work includes:

  • System maintenance
  • New construction
  • Reliability improvements
  • Large capital projects

Challenges Overcome

Turnkey operation is key for our client, who depends on Riggs Distler to handle every facet of maintaining and updating their distribution system so that it runs at peak performance. In addition to our technical work, Riggs Distler assists with budgets, pricing proposals, scheduling outages, and project management. While other firms wouldn’t be able to deliver all of these services in-house, Riggs Distler has the experience, expertise, and dedicated Project Managers to handle the upkeep of the entire system.

Results Delivered

Working safely and efficiently, we ensure our client’s customers access to more reliable power with minimal system interruptions, even during storm events. Riggs Distler is the prime choice in the eastern region for turnkey electric utility work, with a record of dependability stretching back over 100 years.