Project Included

Underground Electric Distribution Contractor of Choice — Maryland & New Jersey

Maryland: 2014–Ongoing | New Jersey: 2018–Ongoing

Riggs Distler is an underground electric contractor of choice for a major Maryland & New Jersey utility service provider. Our work includes:

  • Maintenance/replacement work
  • Trenchless cable replacement (primary, secondary, and street light) via horizontal directional drilling
  • Outdoor lighting construction and maintenance
  • New circuit/pole installations
  • LED fixture replacements
  • Cable fault locates and repairs

Challenges Overcome

As an on-call utility maintenance provider, Riggs Distler needs to mobilize quickly and perform high-quality electrical work within tight schedules, all while ensuring the highest level of safety on the job site. Meeting this need means retaining expert staff who know how to get the job done the right way. However, shortages of properly trained craft personnel can occasionally present staffing challenges. To surmount them, Riggs Distler works with a local union to provide in-house training for local employees, adding to the expertise of our core staff and building on our 100 years of experience.

As a result, Riggs Distler is able to respond quickly to urgent maintenance needs and complete the upgrades necessary to keep our client’s network performing at the highest level.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler has served as a preferred contractor for this client for over 40 years—our contracts have been consistently renewed. Our fast response and integrated approach means efficient, cost-effective results for our client and reliable connectivity for end users.

Project Included

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