Project Included

69 kV Greenfield Substation—Camden, NJ


Riggs Distler built this 69kV substation from the ground up, performing all related civil work and all aspects of electrical installation. Our work involved:

  • Earth work and excavations
  • Installing drilled piers, spread footers, and equipment pads
  • Concrete work
  • Installing cable trenches, the station ground grid, and secondary and control cable
  • Installing circuit breakers, transformers, bus work, junction boxes, 69kV switches, lightning masts, and wire jumpers

Our crews tested and terminated all cable in the field and verified that all equipment was working as designed. In the control house, Riggs Distler installed and tested relays and other equipment that keep the station operating reliably, facilitate maintenance within the station, and allow for either remote or in-person switching. Our crews also installed four 80-foot steel structures to bring the 69 kV lines into the station.

Challenges Overcome

Safety was a foremost concern during the project, much of which occurred during the hot summer months. Riggs Distler’s project leaders and Safety Supervisors conducted extensive on-site training for workers on mitigating hazards they faced in execution. We created traffic patterns so that vehicles could move safely in tight spaces and dedicated workers to guide drivers to their destinations. Our Safety team also ensured that workers had the proper personal protective equipment and instituted processes to ensure tools and equipment were in good working order. By mitigating safety concerns, we were able to ensure swift and efficient execution on an accelerated schedule.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler completed the substation build in 4 months using 30 direct craft workers and roughly 25,000 man-hours. By handling all of the necessary substation and heavy civil work in-house, we were able to realize cost savings for our client that other companies could not provide. Our team ultimately delivered the project under budget, and the substation was energized according to schedule, providing improved electrical service to businesses and residents throughout the client’s service territory, all without a single recordable injury.

Project Included