Project Included

AMI Meter Installation — Pennsylvania


Riggs Distler was contracted to replace over 220,000 electric meters with new smart meters and perform associated equipment repairs. Our work has three primary applications:

  • Residential smart meter replacements.
  • High-end replacements at commercial and industrial facilities that use large amounts of electricity
  • Meter repair at resident and high-end locations

Work also includes confirming client details, updating the host utility database, and modifying wiring. A companion project, carried out by Riggs Distler’s overhead transmission group, involves installing towers for communications relay between the smart meters and the host utility, as well as enhancements to provide full wireless network coverage throughout the entire utility territory.

Challenges Overcome

Installations and repairs must be performed across a very large service territory. Coordination with local electrical union halls and proper scheduling is imperative, as it’s a 4-hour drive from one end of the project area to the other. Access to meters can be an issue, and our team often has to schedule work with home owners or businesses in advance to minimize disruption to their service. By planning ahead and minimizing travel time, we’re able to maximize efficiency.

As a representative of our client in the field, Riggs Distler is keenly aware of the need to support their reputation for reliable service. Our experts move seamlessly between the business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships. Our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to all end users, improving their relationship with the client while upgrading their service.

Results Delivered

When the project is complete, end users and the client will benefit from smart meters that provide more accurate usage information, are easier to service and repair, improve safety for technicians and utility employees, and upgrade electric efficiency. Riggs Distler’s ability to coordinate with local labor across wide project areas, interface positively with customers and end users, and plan for efficient execution are key in serving our client’s interests.

Project Included