Project Included

Substation Contractor of Choice—Philadelphia Region

January 2021–December 2025

Riggs Distler serves as the Contractor of Choice for substation work on behalf of a major East Coast energy provider. Our work supports system upgrades, reliability projects, and capital expansion projects at sites throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban area. With a dedicated team of experienced managers and highly trained union labor, Riggs Distler serves as the client’s on-call partner. We perform the ongoing repairs, installations, and maintenance necessary to keep their system functioning at peak capacity. 

Our specific work under this long-term contract includes:

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Demolition and earthwork
  • Excavation, grading, and site work
  • Foundation, pad, and concrete work
  • Below-grade Trenwa, conduit, and duct banks
  • Grounding and lighting systems
  • Substation equipment installations (breakers, CCVTs, capacitors, reactors, etc.)
  • Transformer installations
  • Steel supports, major structures and buses
  • Relays and major control house upgrades
  • Switchgear

Challenges Overcome

Substation projects can be complex, requiring careful coordination between the contractor and client to ensure the necessary work is completed without disrupting operations. Riggs Distler works in partnership with the host utility to ensure all projects are executed safely and according to tight schedules to ensure reliability for all customers. To provide the highest level of service, we train and maintain a dedicated team of employees for this contract, ensuring that all work is performed by experienced union laborers who are familiar with the client’s sites and system. 

As a turnkey service provider, Riggs Distler is responsible for all aspects of ongoing substation maintenance. Our managers collaborate regularly with the client to identify and mitigate technical issues, plan upkeep and repair work, and forecast future needs. From laying foundations and installing new equipment to performing detail-oriented electrical system and conduit work, our team delivers the unique suite of services our client needs to ensure their substations operate safely and efficiently. 

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s work helps our client deliver better service and a more reliable electrical grid for power users throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Thanks to the depth of our expertise, we provide a single source for all of our client’s service needs, streamlining operations and ensuring a swift response to any issue or situation. Through our dedication and attention to detail, we’ve developed an excellent relationship with our client, and we will continue to hone our teaming approach to best serve them as a turnkey partner over the years to come.

Project Included