Project Included

Substation Contractor of Choice—Southern New Jersey

January 2021–December 2025

Riggs Distler serves as the Contractor of Choice for substation-related civil and electrical work on behalf of a major East Coast power provider. The RDC team is responsible for maintaining, upgrading, and expanding their substation sites and equipment, we work in close coordination with the client’s management team to deliver reliable, uninterrupted service for power users throughout southern New Jersey. Our dedicated Substation team works closely with our Heavy Civil team to provide a full suite of services, from site clearing and foundation installations to ongoing equipment maintenance and repairs. Relying on hands-on project management and our experienced team of union laborers, our work supports system upgrades, reliability projects, and capital expansion projects. 

Specific work includes:

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Demolition and earthwork
  • Excavation, grading, and site work
  • Foundations, pads, and concrete work
  • Below-grade concrete trenching, conduits, and ductbank
  • Grounding system and lighting system installation
  • Substation equipment installations (breakers, CCVT’s capacitors, reactors, etc.)
  • Transformer installations
  • Steel supports, major structures and bus
  • Relays and major control house upgrades

Challenges Overcome

Our success on this contract comes from our ability to work in close cooperation with the host utility. Our experienced supervisors communicate regularly with the client to identify and mitigate potential technical and schedule issues, allowing us to deal with problems before they arise. Working under a long-term contract, Riggs Distler is training and developing a dedicated work force who will be experienced and familiar with the client’s needs, technology, and work processes. By employing a dedicated team, we build on our knowledge and experience with each project we complete, realizing efficiencies and improving execution. We have built an excellent relationship with our client and a thorough knowledge of their utility network, ensuring excellent results and reliability for customers.

Results Delivered

As a turnkey service provider, Riggs Distler delivers a streamlined, single-source answer to all of our client’s substation installation, maintenance, and repair needs. Our work alleviates the headaches of dealing with multiple contractors and enables our client to provide a more reliable electrical grid to their customers.

Project Included