Project Included

Substation Upgrades — Pennsylvania


Riggs Distler was awarded this project to perform substation upgrades to stabilize the host utility’s power grid for reliability and efficiency. Most of the work involved replacing equipment, as well as:

  • Upgrading and modifying grounding
  • Installing control cabling from the devices back to the control house
  • Upgrading relay cabinets
  • Installing new circuit breakers
  • Demolishing foundations and underground conduits,
  • Installing precast cable troughs
  • Modifying bus work
  • Primary and secondary control cabling
  • Fencing and yard clearing

Challenges Overcome

During the project, the client could only allow short-duration outages, which were scheduled far in advance. To accommodate their schedule, Riggs Distler focused on executing the work using a heavy concentration of manpower in short periods of time. This required intensive planning with the client, who supplied all materials, to ensure the substation could continue to function while the work was completed.

Results Delivered

All work was completed according to the client’s fixed schedule. While other companies wouldn’t be up to the challenge, Riggs Distler has the planning skills, manpower, and experience to complete all necessary substation work efficiently, no matter the constraints. Our work improved the reliability of the host utility’s power supply for its customers, reducing the likelihood of outages or brownouts.

Project Included