Project Included

Substation Contractor of Choice—New Jersey


Riggs Distler is the contractor of choice for all electrical substation work on behalf of a major regional utility operating throughout New Jersey. Our work supports everything from system upgrades and reliability improvements to capital expansion projects. Acting in an on-call capacity, Riggs Distler provides project management, equipment, and skilled union labor to complete projects across the state. Specific work includes:

  • Grounding and lighting systems
  • Substation equipment installations (breakers, CCVTs, capacitors, reactors, etc.)
  • Transformer installations
  • Steel supports, major structures, and busing
  • Relays and major control house upgrades
  • Switchgear

Challenges Overcome

Working within the client’s schedule is key, and Riggs Distler’s supervisors remain in close contact with the host utility’s staff to ensure all project work minimizes service outages for customers. Safety guides all of our planning, and we develop site-specific plans and solutions to protect the health of both our crews and the host utility staff. Every project for our client is staffed by a dedicated, long-term team of managers and laborers. Our familiarity with the client’s network expands with every project we complete, and by focusing on communication, we’re able to forecast potential issues and develop the most efficient plan of execution plan for every project we undertake.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s size and expertise allows us to provide our client with a complete range of electrical substation services—without any need for subcontractors. In remote locations and on short notice, our dedicated crews are always ready to mobilize whenever and wherever we’re needed. Riggs Distler has built an excellent working relationship with the client, and we’re committed to delivering high-quality results for years to come.    

Project Included