COC for Overhead Transmission Projects—DE, PA, NJ, MD, IL

January 2021–December 2025

Riggs Distler is the Contractor of Choice for all installation, maintenance, and repair work performed on our client’s electrical transmission system, a major East Coast power provider. Whether we’re upgrading equipment or repairing tower structures, our work improves reliability, sustains wind and weather damage, and delivers increased power to residents and businesses throughout the region. Work includes:

  • Energized Services (69kV-765kV)
  • TOH pole setting and installation of new conductor and static wire (including OPGW)
  • Reconductoring (replacement installation and repair of existing conductor)
  • TOH structure or pole replacements
  • TOH structure maintenance and repair and related work
  • Tower raising (including helicopter operations)
  • Substation interfacing (civil and electrical)
  • Foundation installation (dry or wet set), including rebar cage and anchor bolt cage installation
  • Crane and heavy equipment matting installation and removal
  • Hydro-excavation for potholing and confirming locates
  • Spoil hauling and removal
  • Access matting, grading, erosion and sediment controls installations
  • Material handling and verification
  • Hoisting and setting towers
  • Emergent repairs (including storm restoration)
  • Heavy hauling (construction equipment, towers, transformers, etc.)
  • Material hauling and staging
  • Constructability reviews and engineering recommendations
  • Earthwork grading (including material export and import)
  • Cellular site work on transmission poles or towers

Challenges Overcome

Work under this contract covers the entirety of the client’s multi-state transmission system, and task orders can include a wide range of work over a wide range of terrain. One of our main concerns at project outset is accessibility. Work sites are often in remote areas, and our teams regularly contend with wetlands, lakes and rivers, highways and major roadways, mountains, and adverse weather conditions to get the job done. Working hand-in-hand with our Environmental Matting Division, our management and crews carefully stabilize work areas and build access roads necessary so that our teams can perform the work safely and return to the site for future maintenance projects. 

Compliance and permitting is also a regular concern. Riggs Distler’s plans carefully to avoid impacts to the local environment before getting into the field, taking measures to safeguard areas of concern such as endangered species habitat and archaeological sites. Compliance and permitting across multiple states can be complicated, but we work with the client to plan our execution tactics and work schedules to avoid certain areas, mitigate potential impacts, and avoid protected species migration and mating seasons.

Our work can also include specialty services, such as “bare hand” energized line work or dealing with cellular equipment mounted on transmission towers or poles. While other companies are unable to provide these services, Riggs Distler’s can perform all work in-house, giving clients a one-stop, turnkey solution to all of their electrical transmission needs.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s work delivers redundancy in the power supply and a more capable and reliable electric grid for our client’s customers—without noticeably interrupting their service. With more than 900 trucks on the road every day, Riggs Distler responds to work assignments and mobilizes for the field at lightning speed. Whether we’re performing emergency repairs due to storm damage or demolishing tower structures to install modern steel monopoles, our focus on safety and efficiency provides the best service value for our client. As the client’s Contractor of Choice from 2011 to 2020, we were proud to have our contract renewed for another five-year term and to continue our productive relationship.