K43 Fiber Project – Vermont

January-June 2020

Riggs Distler was contracted to install 21 miles of new ADDS fiber-optic cable and support braces on a 115kV transmission line stretching from Williston to New Haven, Vermont. The installation was performed in the energized space along the line, and Riggs Distler’s highly experienced, union-qualified linemen worked carefully and efficiently to set the new cable and connect the fiber control service between substations. 

Challenges Overcome

Most of the installation was in off-road farmland, and the work needed to take place during Vermont’s notorious winter/spring mud season in order to lessen the impact on land and town dirt roads. Access was challenging, and crews used all-terrain vehicles or hiked on foot to work on many portions of the line. Our goal was to install the fiber with the least possible impact to property.

Safety is always a concern during work on a high-powered transmission line, and Riggs Distler staff and managers made it a primary focus on this project. All structures had to be climbed rather than accessed by bucket truck. One project section was located in a large swamp, but our crews were able to complete the work while it was still frozen.

Results Delivered

Once up and running, the new fiber will provide our client’s network in the region. Riggs Distler secured this project not only through our competitive bid, but because of the client’s experience with our project team. Since they were familiar with our work, they trusted our staff to complete the job safely and on schedule, and Riggs Distler was happy to deliver.