Project Included

5-Year Master Services Agreement for Gas Facility Upgrades—Westchester County, NY

2018–2023 (option to extend to 2024)

Riggs Distler is currently upgrading aging natural gas infrastructure on behalf of a utility provider in southern New York. Our work involves:

  • Installing new gas mains
  • Installing new services (including plastic and steel gas mains)
  • Employing the latest technology and techniques, including plastic fusing and tapping equipment
  • Upgrading the entire network from low to medium pressure

Challenges Overcome

The work area is urban and densely populated, with extensive infrastructure already in the ground—much of it abandoned. Since the work is being performed under a master services agreement, Riggs Distler will take on several hundred projects each year and thousands over the life of the contract. The main challenges our team faces are scheduling, logistics, and safety.

Since the area is heavily residential and the geography is variable, each project requires a different approach. Our management team walks a job in advance with the client and identifies the unique challenges of each project. We then develop a plan to minimize impacts on residents and the community.

Unlike other companies, Riggs Distler employs full-time safety supervisors on all of our natural gas projects. Our safety supervisors are proactive and hands-on, providing guidance and ensuring the latest safety and quality standards independently of our quality assurance/quality control inspectors. This provides redundancy in our safety efforts and ensures careful work, supporting our goal of disrupting local residents as little as possible and delivering projects safely.

Results Delivered

Every section of aging infrastructure that Riggs Distler replaces or upgrades results in a safer, more reliable gas delivery system for end users in the area. When complete, the improved system will deliver a higher volume of gas to the client’s customer base and ensure safe operation well into the future.

As the incumbent contractor, Riggs Distler provides the majority of the natural gas work for this client. Due to our record of performance, Riggs Distler was also awarded contracts to build regulator systems and freeze pits and provide dead gas and electrical work, including installing electrical conduits and manholes for future use.

Project Included