Project Included

5-Year Master Services Agreement for Gas Facility Upgrades — Orange and Rockland Counties in NY & NJ


Riggs Distler was awarded a 5-year contract to upgrade an existing natural gas system to replace aging infrastructure and provide a safer, more reliable system for gas delivery. Our work involves:

  • Installing new gas mains
  • Installing new services (HDPE and steel gas mains)
  • Upgrading sections from low to medium pressure

Challenges Overcome

The main challenge of underground gas work in residential areas is minimizing the project’s impacts on the community and its residents. Different areas present different challenges, whether it’s the density of residences, types of buildings and facilities, or the geography of the landscape.

Attention to detail is paramount. Riggs Distler’s Project Managers survey each project area along with the client to identify potential issues and resolve them before work begins. Through careful planning and scheduling, as well as a strong focus on safety, we’re able to perform safe and efficient work without disrupting gas service or the everyday lives of local residents.

Results Delivered

In addition to our quality assurance/quality control team, Riggs Distler staffs every project site with a full-time Safety Supervisor. Safety Supervisors ensure that our team adheres to an industry-leading safety program while completing the upgrades to the client’s gas network. Using the latest technology and techniques, we help supply end users throughout the client’s service territory with greater volume and safer, more reliable gas services. Our natural gas workload in New York has grown in recent years, and this project is an excellent example of our capabilities in the region.

Project Included