Project Included

Contractor of Choice for Gas & Electric Upgrades — Baltimore, MD


Riggs Distler is the contractor of choice for the local utility in Maryland. We are currently upgrading our client’s aging gas system by installing new gas mains and new services (including HDPE and steel gas mains) to improve reliability, safety, and capacity. Our work will help our Maryland client deliver dependable gas services to their customers well into the future.

Challenges Overcome

Since the work area is in a heavily residential area, Riggs Distler’s main concern is completing the necessary upgrades and installations safely and efficiently, without disturbing local residents or noticeably interrupting their service. This involves careful scheduling and logistics on the part of our management team, as well as daily oversight from our Safety Supervisors.

Riggs Distler is different from other companies because we employ a dedicated Safety Supervisor at every one of our natural gas work sites. The Safety Supervisor works separately from our quality assurance/quality control inspection team, ensuring our team uses the latest safety protocols to get the job done the right way.

Before work begins, our managers review the entire work area with the client to isolate potential problems and devise solutions to avoid impacts to the community. We hold a Master Services Agreement with this Maryland utility, and our team will complete hundreds of individual gas projects over the course of the agreement. As a result, efficiency and safety are our top concerns to keep projects moving forward on schedule and on budget.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s work will ultimately deliver safer and more reliable natural gas services to our client’s customers. In many cases, our team is upgrading the system from low pressure to medium pressure, increasing the volume of gas available to end users. All of our work is ISO 9001:2015–compliant. Our client has awarded us two contracts, one for proactive service inserts and a second for the gas system upgrades, allowing us to demonstrate Riggs Distler’s versatility.

Project Included