Project Included

Contractor of Choice for Gas System Upgrades — Drexel Hill, PA


Riggs Distler is upgrading 6 miles of natural gas systems in a residential area of Drexel Hill on behalf of a regional utility service provider. The job involves 30,000 linear feet of new gas main installations and over 1,000 service upgrades (including HDPE and steel gas mains) and transfers for our client.

Challenges Overcome

Performing such a high volume of work in a residential area is logistically challenging. Since our team will be performing very visible work in the area for the better part of a year, planning and scheduling are critical to completing the project without disrupting local residents and businesses. Riggs Distler holds biweekly meetings with the Town government to coordinate our work in a manner that minimizes local impacts.  

Replacing aging infrastructure also requires a detail-oriented approach. Our Safety Supervisors, working separately from our quality assurance/quality control inspectors, assess each work site carefully and work hard to achieve ISO 9001:2015 compliance and ensure safe and reliable gas services for the residents of Drexel Hill.

Results Delivered

Our ability to collaborate with the Town of Drexel Hill and its residents has eliminated headaches for our client and resulted in fast execution and minimal disturbances. By working with the community, we’ve been able to seamlessly upgrade the network with their needs in mind, all while providing more volume and delivering safer, more reliable gas service on behalf of our client.

Project Included