Project Included

Franklin Avenue Regulator Project


To serve a growing customer base, our host utility is upgrading their low-pressure gas systems to accommodate high pressure and installing new regulator stations throughout their service territory. Under a multiyear contract, Riggs Distler is assisting the host utility with their network overhaul by fabricating and installing regulator stations and large-diameter, high-pressure steel gas mains throughout the Westchester County service area. Our work involves:

  • A two-stage regulator system
  • 170 feet of 20-inch steel pipe and 50 feet of 16-inch steel pipe
  • Two manholes
  • Regulators and manifolds
  • Vent posts
  • Monitoring lines
  • Main valves

Riggs Distler performs hydrostatic testing of the steel mains, and all steel pipe is cathodically protected, requiring crews to jeep and tape all steel mains and coat main valves in tar.

Challenges Overcome

The depth of the gas mains and manholes require extensive sheeting, including the installation of road plates for an extended period while work progressed. Crews encounter a high quantity of rock during this installation, which slows progress during the installation of all new facilities.

Projects of this scope and complexity require that all work is completed by qualified personnel, particularly welders. Whether pipe and fittings were prefabricated off-site or in the field, all of our work is subject to rigorous testing before going online, requiring crews to work long shifts and weekends.

Our welding crew is supported by a team of excavation professionals, and all facilities are installed in compliance with client specifications. Riggs Distler’s management team works closely with our host utility and the local authorities to coordinate operations and minimize the project’s impact on the community, including vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Results Delivered

Bringing the regulator online before the start of the cold-weather heating season in November was critical, and Riggs Distler’s work resulted in added stability and a guaranteed gas supply to the host utility’s Westchester service territory. Our crews performed the work in the safest way possible and completed the project in advance of the client’s required deadline.

Project Included