Project Included

MSA Contractor of Choice for Pipeline Services—Southeast Connecticut


Riggs Distler was awarded a pilot program in the Norwalk/Greenwich area through our Master Services Agreement (MSA) with the largest gas utility provider in southern Connecticut. The project will upgrade existing gas distribution systems to deliver safer, more reliable gas services to homeowners and businesses in the area. Our work included:

  • Excavation and installation of new gas mains and services
  • Backfilling and restoration

Working in Connecticut for a new client required us to familiarize ourselves with their standards, specifications, and safety and quality-control protocols. As our work was performed under an MSA that will entail many challenging projects, all of Riggs Distler’s personnel attended and passed an in-house operator qualification program sponsored by the client to support work in the future.

Challenges Overcome

To establish operations in Connecticut, our utility gas distribution team first secured a local staging yard to support our crews and equipment. The first project assigned under the MSA was a straightforward job, but extreme weather near the end of the project in December created challenges for our restoration crews as heavy rains inundated the region. Our approach hinged on breaking the project down into critical components and planning each stage carefully before the workforce took the field. Maintaining a primary focus on safety and allocation of resources, our team adhered to the schedule and delivered the project to the client’s satisfaction.

Results Delivered

Riggs Distler’s electrical group is already an ongoing partner to the client, and our MSA demonstrates our abilities as a multiservice provider that can help current and future clients with a variety of service needs, regardless of their location. Riggs Distler’s continued work under this contract through 2027 will repair and replace aging gas infrastructure with new mains and services, allowing for increased capacity and improved safety for natural gas customers, in some cases even delivering gas services to communities that could not previously access them. 

Project Included