Our Industries

Building the Data Networks of Tomorrow

Over a century of service, Riggs Distler has always adapted to serve new market needs. As broadband and mobile technology has expanded, we’ve focused on staying ahead of the curve by retaining the industry’s best technical experts and training our staff to master new technologies. Informed by our century of experience in infrastructure development, we’ve refined our knowledge and approach working on complex data communications projects in some of the East Coast’s most important data hubs.

Turnkey Construction Solutions for the Data Communications Industry

Riggs Distler provides a full suite of construction and maintenance solutions for data communications projects. Working directly with wireless carriers, municipalities, third-party providers, and general contractors, we offer complete services for all types of small cell and ODAS installations, self-performing all work in the electrical and telecom space both above and below ground. Our managerial team and field staff are safety-focused industry specialists with a wealth of knowledge to serve our clients.

Our Industries

How Data Communication is Distributed

Our services include:

  • Telecommunications and electrical utility pole installations
  • Mono towers and lattice tower installations
  • Decorative pole installation (including foundations)
  • One-Touch Make-Ready capability
  • Pole replacement
  • Power/shroud
  • Coaxial installations
  • Close-out package
  • Sweep and PIM testing
  • Stack-and-store capabilities
  • Antenna work on towers
  • Maintenance services

With a comprehensive safety program and emphasis on client satisfaction, we’ve completed projects for some of the East Coast’s largest data communications companies. Find out more about how Riggs Distler can help leading-edge companies deliver the next generation of data technology services.