Our Industries


Drilling is a key component of infrastructure and utility projects. While other companies subcontract drilling services, Riggs Distler employs in-house project managers and union craft personnel with specialized drilling experience in all kinds of terrains and settings. Our in-house drilling team works in support of our Utilities team and other service divisions on blanket purchase order contracts to streamline project construction and save our clients money. Services include:

  • Foundation drilling
  • Caisson drilling
  • Transmission and distribution pole drilling
  • Soldier pile drilling
  • Micropile drilling
  • Pre-drilling/perforating in rock for sheet piling and rock hammering
  • Hydraulic rock splitting
  • Concrete work
  • Sheet pile/H-pile vibro installations
  • Soil/rock anchors
  • Helical piles

The Right Drilling Equipment to Support Your Project

Riggs Distler’s self-contained drilling trucks can provide distribution rock holes 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch diameter holes with depths of up to 10 feet. Common sizes are 36”-48” 10-14ft deep for direct embedment pole work. Our foundation drilling equipment is capable of drilling up to 120 feet deep and 12 feet in diameter in both soil and solid rock. Our team adapts easily to any landscape in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. We currently serve all major utility companies in NJ, PA, NY, NH, MA, RI, VT, CT, and ME, as well as numerous private companies. With our extensive fleet and experience across numerous industries, Riggs Distler is the turnkey drilling partner clients trust.

Safety is Our First Concern

Worker and environmental safety is at the heart of Riggs Distler’s approach. A proud member of the Gold Shovel Certification Program, Riggs Distler follows strict safety protocol on all drilling projects, including:

  • Independent dig-safe markouts to ensure safe and efficient digging.
  • Compliance with OSHA silica requirements for dust control and minimization. 
  • Providing dust masks and necessary PPE to all workers and members of the general public in the project area.
  • Carefully marking work areas with covers and cones during and after project completion. 

Rapid Response for Drilling Emergencies

Riggs Distler’s drilling team is on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergency and storm damage situations. We are committed to keeping our clients’ projects on schedule, and we’re ready to roll when you need us. 

Our Industries