Our Industries

A Century of Experience: Mechanical Services for the Power and Utility Industry

Mechanical projects demand a high level of skill and precision. You need a company that can do more than simply adhere to deadlines—you need a company you can trust to get the job done right. 

Mechanical Services from Riggs Distler

Riggs Distler’s award-winning construction, maintenance, and demolition work at hundreds of refineries, power plants and other industrial facilities together with our experienced core group of project managers and union craftsmen, merges a century of expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Drawing on the best and brightest minds in the industry, our team is constantly developing solutions to new challenges. Our services include:

Turnkey Services

  • Capital Construction
  • Turnaround Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • HRSG Erection
  • Bundle Exchanger Extraction & Installation Services
  • Hydro-Blast Services
  • 40K Cutting Services
  • Boiler Erection & Repair
  • Demolition, Dismantlement & Decommissioning
  • Construction Management

Union Craft Services

  • Boilermaking
  • Piping
  • Fabrication
  • Heavy Rigging
  • Millwrighting
  • Plumbing
  • Project Controls

Piping and Fabrication Expertise

Riggs Distler’s Piping Group works with complex piping systems for process fluid transfer materials such as air, steam, water, gases, fuels and chemicals.  One of Riggs Distler’s specialties is installation and repair for pipe systems that transfer and deliver materials used for power generation. Highly specialized for oil and gas, our team is suited to work in settings for power plants, chemical plants and oil and gas refineries to help with new projects, ongoing maintenance or emergency repair situations.

Riggs Distler’s Fabrication Group encompasses over 30,000 square feet of climate controlled fabrication shop capabilities with multiple overhead cranes, segregated, production-oriented floor space. Utilizing union craft labor, Riggs Distler is certified and highly experience at handling complex specifications and requirements for the fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly and exotic alloys. Our fabrication facility produces pipe spools, headers, manifolds, and skid-mounted piping and equipment modules that are utilized in a diverse range of industries, including power generation, refineries, water treatment, renewable fuels and manufacturing facilities.

Riggs Distler’s welding procedures include MIG, TIG and orbital. From heavy wall high temperature and high pressure systems to thin wall aluminum and underground pipe, our craftsmen deliver our customers a top-notch quality product with the support of our state of the art QC Department. 

Millwrighting & Heavy Rigging Capabilities

Riggs Distler employs experienced millwrights who specialize in all types of rotating equipment repair. While steam turbines are our specialty, we also repair all styles of pumps, blowers, gearboxes, etc. Our millwrights will ensure that your equipment is repaired back to within factory or industry standard specifications. When it comes to heavy rigging, Riggs Distler excels by taking your project from preliminary planning stages through final inspection on time and on budget. Drawing from its vast history of completed projects in a multitude of markets including petrochemical, nuclear and renewable energy, aerospace and heavy industrial, Riggs Distler is your greatest ally on rigging projects.

Plumbing Services

Riggs Distler’s Plumbing Group provides services for commercial and industrial plumbing installations in new construction as well as repairs and replacements on existing systems. We work with hot water tanks, boilers, large and small diameter cleaning, heat pumps, split systems, portable systems, cooling towers, pump stations, piping, water treatment and high-pressure systems.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance group is a cohesive unit, with each individual member being responsible for, and specializing in, a distinct area of expertise. This unit is critical to the safe operation of the industries we serve. Riggs Distler provides a quality document package to every project we perform. We are committed to continually improving our processes and our staff’s skills. Ongoing training and certification is vital to not only our future but the success of our customers as well.

Riggs Distler is the first choice for power and utility providers throughout the Eastern region. Building, maintaining, repairing—we provide integrated/overlapping services our clients need to keep their businesses running.


Our Industries

Case Studies

New Process Line Construction — New Jersey
Riggs Distler was contracted to construct new process lines from a major oil refinery in southern New Jersey that will feed a large-scale...
Oil-Water Separator Installation at a Generating Station—Pennsylvania
May–December 2020
In the spring of 2020, Riggs Distler was contracted to install a new oil-water separator at  a Generating Station in southeast Pennsylvania....
CoGen Upgrade Project
September 2019–November 2020
Riggs Distler and our joint-venture engineering partner completed upgrades to three gas turbines and a hot water waste generator at an important...
Hydrogen Gas Plant — Delaware
March 2019-Spring 2020
Riggs Distler is providing extensive heavy civil, mechanical, and instrumentation services in support of the construction of a hydrogen gas plant in...
Butane / Propane Transload Facility —New Jersey
2019 - 2020
Riggs Distler was subcontracted to perform mechanical services in support of Phase I of this project to expand existing propane and butane caverns...
Aries Linden Biosolids Gasification Plant — Linden, NJ
Riggs Distler provided turnkey heavy civil, mechanical, and electrical services in support of an Aries Clean Energy project to construct a biosolids...
Air Separation Unit Project — Pennsylvania
August 2019-June 2020
Riggs Distler was contracted to provide heavy civil, mechanical piping, and equipment setting services to support the construction of an Air...
Multi-Service Upgrades to Enhance Refinery-Pennsylvania
Riggs Distler combined our Mechanical, Electrical, and Heavy Civil expertise to complete this project to deliver critical upgrades to an oil...
590 MW HRSG Installation — New Jersey
Riggs Distler was awarded the contract for the Combined Cycle Build as a full construction-takeover project when the previous contractor could not...
Boiler Relocation — New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Riggs Distler was awarded this project to dismantle a boiler unit and its components, located  in southern New Jersey, and relocate the entire unit...
Fractionator Balance of Plant Piping and Equipment Installation — Pennsylvania
Riggs Distler was contracted to mobilize a fractionator unit on behalf of a natural gas client in Pennsylvania. A critical step in the refinery...
Flare Gas Recovery Project — Pennsylvania
Riggs Distler was awarded this project to help our client meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions requirements at a refinery in...
Combined Cycle Power Generation Project — New Jersey
Riggs Distler was awarded this project to install over 35,000 feet of piping and over 100 pieces of equipment at a power plant in southern New....