Engineering the Future of Power

Renewable energy is a fast-growing sector of the U.S. energy industry. As more municipalities and consumers choose to support companies that use renewable energy sources and green building materials, Riggs Distler has invested heavily in hiring renewables experts and mastering the new technologies and services necessary to bring renewable power to the grid.

Building on 100 years of hands-on experience bringing power to homes, businesses, and industrial facilities across the Eastern United States, we’ve integrated our renewable services alongside our existing offerings to deliver first-class safety and execution on behalf of our clients. Regulatory expertise, technical know-how, and our commitment to a culture of safety has made Riggs Distler a leader in the growing renewables field. To date we have installed 200 Mega Watts in the United States.

Leading Solutions for an Evolving Industry

Riggs Distler helps power companies, natural gas suppliers, and other businesses offer a wider range of renewable energy options to consumers. We provide a broad range of services centered around the construction, inspection, installation, maintenance, repair, and removal of renewable power transmission and distribution systems. No matter the scope or size of your project, Riggs Distler works tirelessly to deliver efficiency and value to your customers. Renewable energy construction and maintenance services we offer include:

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • Posts/Racking Systems & PV Modules
  • Lightning Protection
  • Underground Cable
  • Fencing, Security & Landscaping
  • SCADA Systems & Weather Stations
  • Switchgear & Invertors
  • Utility Interconnect