Our Industries

Powering America for Over 100 Years

Riggs Distler has more than 100 years of experience building, maintaining, and repairing critical electric distribution systems to ensure the efficient distribution of power to homes and businesses across the Eastern United States. We prioritize on-call response and industry-leading safety protocols, helping our clients build reputations for reliable service under all conditions, whether we’re performing daily maintenance activities or emergency storm response repairs.

Drawing on the latest technologies and the industry’s best talent, our credibility comes from decades of getting the job done the right way. As turnkey electric utility service providers, Riggs Distler is the Eastern region’s first choice for developing the underground and overhead electric distribution networks that families, businesses, and local economies depend on.

Overhead Electric Distribution

From ambitious, large-scale construction projects to fine-tuning system performance or upgrading equipment, our expert engineers and project managers stick to client schedules to deliver safe, dependable results. Installing smart grids, placing overhead fiber-optic cable—Riggs Distler has the tools and experience to integrate every task. Overhead distribution services include:

  • Distribution Automation
  • Network Construction & Maintenance
  • Overhead Fiber-Optic Installation
  • Overhead Make-Ready 
  • Secondary Service Installation
  • Smart Grid Installation
  • Street Light Construction, Repair & Maintenance
  • Targeted Reliability Projects
  • Utility Pole Inspections & Replacements
  • 5G Small Cell Data Services

Underground Electric Distribution

Building and servicing underground electric distribution networks presents unique challenges for utility providers, and Riggs Distler is your sole-source solution for all of them. Offering a diverse suite of services and the expertise of lifelong industry staff, our team works within your schedule and procedures to streamline these services and deliver power to communities and facilities anywhere on the Eastern United States. Underground electric distribution services include:

  • Cable Pulling
  • Directional Drilling
  • Duct Bank Construction
  • Electric Meter Installation
  • Lead Cable Fault Locates & Repairs
  • Primary & Secondary Cable Replacement
  • Primary & Secondary Fault Locates and Repairs
  • Underground Communications (inc. Fiber-Optic) Distribution Construction
  • URD Electric Main & Services Installation
  • Street Light Construction, Repair & Maintenance

Our Industries

Case Studies

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance and Construction — Maryland
January 2018–December 2020
Riggs Distler is the Contractor of Choice to a Maryland-based utility’s outdoor lighting group. Our electric utility and distribution teams are...
Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma Emergency Power Restoration — Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi
August-December 2005
In 2005, Riggs Distler was hired to help restore power to areas affected by the devastating Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. It’s estimated...
Hurricane Sandy Emergency Power Restoration — New Jersey
November 2012
As Hurricane Sandy’s landfall along the mid-Atlantic coast became imminent, Riggs Distler immediately set to work preparing vehicles, equipment,...
Major Cable Replacement Program — Pennsylvania
Riggs Distler is currently working to resolve poor power connectivity issues for Pennsylvania residents by replacing and upgrading an aging...
Electric Distribution Residential Infrastructure — Pennsylvania
Riggs Distler serves as the sole contractor for infrastructure installation for new construction homes in our host utility service territory. Our...
Underground Electric Distribution Contractor of Choice — Maryland
Riggs Distler is an underground electric contractor of choice for a major Maryland & New Jersey utility service provider. Our work:...
Aerial Distribution Contractor of Choice — Virginia
As a Contractor of Choice (COC), Riggs Distler provides the manpower necessary to perform various preventative maintenance and system reliability...
Strategic Alliance Blanket Contract — Connecticut
As a Strategic Alliance partner under this blanket contract, Riggs Distler provides 24-hour, on-call coverage for the host utility’s entire...
Aerial Distribution Contractor of Choice — New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., & Pennsylvania
Riggs Distler serves as the Contractor of Choice for a major eastern power supplier. Our role is to provide various utilities with qualified...
Aerial Distribution Contractor of Choice — Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire
As a contractor of choice for a major Northeast power company, Riggs Distler provides manpower for hundreds of projects on a lump sum, unit, and...