Our Industries

Emergency Restoration

When disaster strikes, we get to work. Riggs Distler provides on-call emergency power and utility restoration for companies up and down the East Coast. Preparing early and deploying fast, we’re on your side after storm events and other emergency system disruptions.

We’ve responded to hurricanes and major storms from New Jersey to Puerto Rico, deploying thousands of workers and hundreds of fully loaded trucks to navigate the aftermath and help get utility networks back online. Our services include:

  • Storm Preparation & Delivery of Equipment
  • Circuit, Substation and Distribution Line Restoration
  • Hazard Clearing
  • Pole Stripping
  • Repairing and Raising Downed Transmission & Distribution Lines

Our Industries

Riggs Distler Crews can be found in the following areas:

Our managers and field staff are the best in the business, and they have the critical experience and know-how to work in post-disaster settings. Safety is always our number-one priority. Through constant oversight, Riggs Distler makes sure crews have the specialized resources and support they need to tackle any challenge. Riggs Distler is committed to keeping your customers connected.

Since 2004, we’ve deployed emergency restoration teams and responded to 35 major storm events.

  • 2004: Alex, Charles, Dennis, Frances, Gaston, Ivan, Jeanne
  • 2005: Dennis, Irene, Katrina, Ophelia, Rita, Wilma
  • 2007: Humberto
  • 2008: Dolly, Ike
  • 2011: Irene
  • 2012: Isaac, Sandy
  • 2014: Arthur
  • 2016: Hermine, Matthew
  • 2017: Harvey, Irma, Maria, Nate
  • 2018: Florence, Michael
  • 2019: Dorian
  • 2020: Cristobal, Isaias, Laura
  • 2021: Elsa, Henri, Ida
  • 2022: Fiona, Ian, Nicole