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Our History

Riggs Distler is proud to have more than 113 years in business with an unparalleled commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Over a Century of Service

Founded in 1909, Riggs Distler was originally designed to assist manufacturers in the sale of building and railroad materials. Through the next 20 years, the company’s portfolio would extend into electrical, mechanical, and HVAC, garnering high-profile projects. This would set Riggs Distler on a path toward decades of growth and success, creating a name synonmous with excellence in craftsmanship and business.

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Riggs-Linthicum Founded

On July 8, 1909, Riggs Distler’s founders held the first meeting of their Board of Directors. Charles M. Linthicum, George S. Linthicum, and T. Dudley Riggs (pictured above) gathered at the offices of Alfred R. Riggs in Baltimore to name Charles Linthicum the company’s first President.

Founded as the Riggs-Linthicum Company, our original charge mission was to represent manufacturers in the sale of materials for “buildings, railroads, and other purposes.”

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1910 – 1920s

Three years after our founding, the company rebranded as Riggs Distler and Company, Inc. At this time, Mr. John Distler, a Lehigh University graduate who hailed from New York, became President of the company.

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Some milestone projects during this time period included all mechanical and electrical work for National Gallery of Art (DC); all electrical work for State Capitol (WV); all heating and ventilating systems in the Corcoran Art Gallery (DC).

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Highlights from this decade include all the mechanical and electrical work on a Naval Air Station in Maryland, mechanical (power plant and tunnel piping) installation for a large construction equipment manufacturer, and building the electrical system inside the Air Arm Division of a large Utility supplier.

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Riggs Distler installed heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the entire Empire State Building in New York as well as heating and ventilation for the US Supreme Court & Federal Reserve Buildings in Washington D. C. We also constructed a substation steam turbo generator and transformer in Maryland; Built a complete steam generating plant including erecting of boilers and piping in Texas; installed interior boiler house and cooling tower pump for one of the largest refinery cooling towers in the world and installed Whiting 90 ton electric arc furnace in New Jersey.

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Most memorable milestones in the 1960s included all mechanical and electrical work for a major chemical plant in New Jersey, new construction for a Maryland hospital, and the building of a large Harbor Plant in Indiana.

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Riggs Distler hit a substantial milestone in the 1970s with our first 100 Million Dollar Job, providing all mechanical work for a cable plant in Alabama. In addition, we also provided all mechanical and electrical work for a landmark building in Wilmington, DE and were ranked #3 Contractor in US by Engineering News Record.

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In the 1980s, Riggs Distler performed electrical work for a Helicopter Computer Facility in New Jersey; installed electrical and control systems for fabric filter dust collection at a resource refinery in New Jersey.

Road and tunnel


Landmark projects in the 1990s included electrical work for Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Rehabilitation, all mechanical work for a PA Electric Company as well as the mechanical construction for Brandon Shores Generating Station/Baltimore Gas and Electric and piping plant expansion in Maryland. We also began to provide utility construction work in in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

Man working on a light pole


Some of Riggs Distler’s key projects at the turn of the century included the largest pole-attached solar installation in the world for a local utility in New Jersey, refinery and power house work where crews performed half million MH without injury and extended power restoration response efforts for Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.

2009: Riggs Distler sold to CVTech Group Inc./NAPEC in August. RDC became publicly traded company on Toronto Stock Exchange and celebrated 100 year anniversary.


Riggs Distler joins Centuri Group, expanding their utilty services to include renewable energy support.


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