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Delivering a Successful 20 MWh Utility Scale Battery Energy Storage System

April 2022 – September 2022 in Andover, NJ Riggs Distler
Bess 1312.904

Results Delivered

Despite these challenges, we were able to deliver a range of results for our client. Our work on the project supported the client’s goals of increasing network efficiency, resilience, and the uptake of renewable energy. Additionally, our expertise in new technologies and our ability to quickly adapt to new challenges allowed us to deliver a range of construction solutions that supported the client’s renewable energy initiatives.

Overall, Riggs Distler’s ability to deliver turnkey construction solutions for projects like this one, and our ability to navigate the challenges that come with such projects, make us a valuable partner for clients in the renewable energy sector. We are proud of our ability to support the growth of BESS solutions and to play a role in the continued expansion of the renewable energy industry.

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