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Great Egg Harbor 4

Great Egg Harbor Crossing Rebuild Project

September –December 2020 in New Jersey Riggs Distler
Great Egg Harbor 4

Results Delivered

Despite the challenges of performing highly technical work on the open water, Riggs Distler again proved that there is no challenge our professionals cannot handle. We provided all necessary work for the project in-house, and our crews kept a primary focus on safety at all project stages. The new towers and equipment upgraded the capacity of the transmission line from 138kV to 230kV, providing increased reliability and improved electrical service for citizens and businesses throughout coastal southern New Jersey. The modern monopole towers also improved the aesthetics and visual impact of the transmission system for nearby residents and beachgoers.

To learn more about this power reliability project, take a look at this video produced by Just Right TV(opens in a new tab) documenting the process.