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Revolutionizing Water Treatment: Implementing a Reverse Osmosis Plant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

June 2021 - December 2022 in Philadelphia, PA Riggs Distler

Results Delivered:

Upon completion, the upgraded plant was capable of producing up to 2,000 gallons of demineralized water per minute. Riggs Distler’s Heavy Industrial group showed its expertise, skill, and ability to perform projects with a unified approach by utilizing all its divisions within the division, resulting in the successful completion of the project

The successful implementation of this reverse osmosis plant greatly reduced the high cost our client spent on water in-take from the City of Philadelphia. This project serves as a prime example of Riggs Distler’s ability to deliver cost-effective solutions for our clients, while also ensuring the highest level of safety and quality. We are proud to have played a key role in our client’s success and look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions for our clients in the future.

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