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Award Winning Work

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Posted on September 12, 2020 in News

Riggs Distler has been recognized by NECA’s Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter for our outstanding commitment, professionalism and ingenuity in delivery exception projects in three out of eleven categories for 2019. Riggs Distler takes home Excellence Awards in the Residential, Industrial and Substation Categories. We are proud to be part of essential utility infrastructure projects that support the neighborhoods where we live and work.

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Project Description: Riggs Distler performed the installation of a new Tank Farm Control Building for Talen Energy at the Martins Creek Facility in Bangor, Pennsylvania.

The scope of work for the project included:

  • Installation of new foundation for a control building and the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and general construction fit out of the building.
  • Installation of the foundations, structural steel supports and cable tray from the electrical room to the existing transformers and future pump tie-in points for power and control.
  • Installation 2400V Switchgear, 480V MCC’s, 70kW Generator


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Project Description: Riggs Distler performed a high priority substation reliability project in December 2019 under an HRE (High Risk Evolution).

The scope of work for the project included:

  • Demolition and upgrade switchgear with relays and controls
  • Removed and replaced approximately 30 Switchgear doors
  • Replaced 312 Switchgear CT’s for primary and back up feeder relaying


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Project Description: Riggs Distler served as the sole contractor for infrastructure installation for new residential communities in our host utility service territory. Our team was responsible for installing electric facilities to single homes in established residential neighborhoods, as well as in larger developments that ranged in size from 5-500 new homes. Our scope of work included all cabling (primary and secondary), equipment installation (transformers, splice boxes, etc.), and associated meter and pole work.

This included:

  • 3,000 electric residential services installed
  • 500,000’ cable installed
  • 4,000 electric meters set
  • 500 pole risers installed
  • 1,500 pieces of equipment set (transformers, etc.)

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