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Crew Identifies Safety Hazard: Avoids Potential Danger

Crew standing in front of truck

Posted on March 10, 2022 in News

Our enduring safety culture and turnkey service offerings make us the first choice for utilities looking to streamline the upkeep and performance of their gas distribution systems. Riggs has an excellent reputation with our utility client in Maryland spanning almost half a century. We are upgrading our client’s aging gas system by installing new gas mains and new services (including HDPE and steel gas mains) to improve reliability, safety, and capacity.

Last week one of our gas crews were installing a 2” PE gas main in a residential area. When they started trenching they noticed a change in the ground conditions. The crew halted trenching with the excavator. They chose to hand dig to ensure there weren’t any unmarked utilities. In doing so, the crew discovered 2 unmarked 1-1/4” bare steel gas services and an unmarked 3” gas main. They immediately notified their General Foreman, our client, the locator, and the RDC EHS leadership team. It was discovered that these gas services and main were abandoned, however, their attentiveness in this situation is commended.

According to Eric Henderson, EHS Manager for gas distribution, “The crews’ diligence to convert to hand digging upon noticing a change in the ground conditions is exemplary. Although the gas main was abandoned, residual gas in the main and service lines could have resulted in a more serious event.

We hold a Master Services Agreement with this client, and our team will complete hundreds of individual gas projects over the course of the agreement. As a result, efficiency and safety are our top concerns to keep projects moving forward on schedule and on budget. Our work helps deliver dependable gas services to our client’s customers well into the future.


We thank Eric Littlejohn, Marcus Ford, Josh O’Leary, Eric McKnight & Stanley Smith for thinking ahead and protecting the community.